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About Aldys

From an early age Aldys fell in love with makeup and discovered that makeup was an art that was able to transform and empower women through beauty.  She became fascinated with the intricate use of colors and textures of cosmetics.  She discovered the remarkable effect makeup had on women, where just a touch of color on someone's face was able to alter and transform their appearance.  Born in New York, but raised in Florida, she studied Business Administration at UCF and graduated with a BA in Business all the while expanding in her pursuit for makeup by working at cosmetic counters.

After graduating, she decided to pursue her passion for makeup and return to her hometown of New York.  She now specializes in fashion, editorial, advertising, tv, runway, and events.  Aldys' expertise lies in creating striking avant-garde looks that can range from playful to dramatic, while still being versatile in all facets of makeup.  She can create a perfect minimal look with just a touch of color to a completely vivid, incandescent transformation.

Her inspirations come from nature, colors, textures, art, fashion, photography, and people.  Her passion for her art form is evident in her work, where her love of color and beauty are intricately expressed in every detail of her work.

Her creative work has been featured in multiple publications worldwide:  New York Times, L'Officiel, Solstice,, And+Men, Rouge, MF, etc. and some of her clients have included Shape, Seventeen, P & G, and Love, Lust, or Run Show.

Aldys is a freelance makeup artist based in NYC and is available to travel worldwide.

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